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Many commentators in the U.K take it as read that Britain will lose global influence as a result of Brexit. But there is absolutely no reason why this should be the case. Britain's international standing has never depended on our membership of the European Union. It is rather a factor of our economic weight, history, culture, democratic values, the excellence of our institutions, such as the universities and armed forces, the royal family and all the other trappings of our soft power.
The soft power just got softer.
The UK is facing a diplomatic rout at the United Nations on Wednesday when the general assembly is expected to vote overwhelmingly to demand Britain relinquish hold of one of the last vestiges of empire in the Indian Ocean.

The US and the UK have lobbied intensely at the UN to avoid support for Britain dropping to single figures among the UN's 193 member states on the issue of its continued possession of the Chagos Islands, known as the British Indian Ocean Territory.

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