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Trade Impasse: Trump Pledges $16B to Farmers as Markets Buckle
"Financial markets buckled Thursday on heightened tensions between the U.S. and China. The Dow Jones industrial average was down more than 400 points in afternoon-day trading. U.S. crude PLUNGED 6% on fears that the trade standoff could knock the global economy out of kilter and kill demand for energy.
" 'The president feels that China is paying for this program through the tariffs,' Perdue said.
"'The thought of the government taking my money and giving it to farmers as subsidies to support their loses [sic] doesn't sit well,' Foreman said by email. 'It's not fair to take money from a Florida company to support an Iowa farmer! Farmers don't want welfare. I'm sure they, like us, just want open free markets to trade in!'"

UK, Japan Mobile Operators Suspend Huawei 5G Phone Launches
"The Trump administration's order last week cuts Huawei's access to American chips and Google, which makes the Android operating system and services for its smartphones."

Xi Jinping calls for ne 'Long March' in dramatic sign that China is preparing for a protracted trade war
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