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Trump says 'very dangerous' Huawei could be part of U.S.-China trade deal

Huawei and its 68 subsidiaries were put on a U.S. trade blacklist last week, prompting the likes of Google to cut ties with the brand. The lack of an Android license combined with ARM's withdrawal means Huawei's ability to make a phone is nonexistent, and it looks like there won't be a quick resolution.

In a meeting at the White House on Thursday, US president Donald Trump called Huawei "very dangerous":

       Huawei is something that is very dangerous. You look at what they've done from a security standpoint, from a military standpoint, it's very dangerous.

But Trump also said that it is "possible" Huawei could be a part of a larger trade agreement between the U.S. and China:

       If we made a deal, I could imagine Huawei being possibly included in some form or some part of it.

Damn ... is that guy stupid! Who are the morons who voted him into office? Brainwashed or Soviet era mind games ...

Trump: 'I can imagine Huawei being included' in a US-China trade deal | CNBC |
Huawei set to find out if consumers will still buy its phones without Google services under US trade ban

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