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House Intelligence committee again serves Wm. "Drug Czar" Barr its subpoena for unredacted special council report, all evidence produced by SCO. 15 May deadline.

House Judiciary committee finds, 24-16, Wm. "Drug Czar" Barr in contempt of congress
Committee Report for Resolution

Trump asserts executive privilege over special counsel Robert Mueller's report and its underlying evidence

Roll Call tours Capitol Crypt, although Pelosi says she is 'not for' jailing. She does not rule out impeachment, again.
Frankly, since I checked up on house.gov, I'm more alarmed by other items on the committees' agenda. It appears, too, that suspending floor rules on roll call has eased a number of bills' passage without press over the past couple of weeks ...

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by Cat on Thu May 9th, 2019 at 01:13:36 AM EST
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