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European elections: Tories could come sixth, officials fear | The Guardian |

The fears of a dismal performance have been stoked by the fact that the party plans to spend no money on candidate campaigning, will not publish a manifesto and is refusing to hold a launch.

One MEP said candidates were funding their campaigns out of their own pockets, unlike previous years when there was a central pot of funding available.


Another Conservative source said internal data showed the party could do worse than the Brexit party, Labour, the Lib Dems, Change UK and even potentially the Greens, with support at less than 10%. That would translate to only a handful of seats, down from the current 22.

A second CCHQ source said the outlook was "absolutely dire" and worse even than the public pollsters were predicting because the party was planning to put in no effort whatsoever, apart from a free mailshot.

Part of the problem is the party's activist base, as they are not motivated to campaign for the Conservatives when Brexit has not been delivered as previously promised.

After a meeting with Brandon Lewis, the Conservative party chairman, earlier this week, MEP candidates were left with the impression that Theresa May would give a speech next week setting out the party's European election message. However, a No 10 source said there were "no plans" for such an intervention.

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