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Good piece on London Review of Books by William Davies:

Given that any `soft Brexit' is now seen as `betrayal' by the Brexit Party and its sympathisers in the Conservative Party, it's impossible to imagine any consensual compromise. Say what you like about Theresa May's deal, but it was at least a viable route out of the European Union - just not an authentic one, as far as Farage et al are concerned. No one appears to relish the prospect of a second referendum, though Farage would certainly build yet more political capital out of it if there were one. But what's the alternative? While it might sound implausible, given the current depth of anti-government feeling, the most reasonable solution would be to revoke Article 50 and call a general election, with the parties - four or five mid-sized ones, as things stand - all laying out their visions for Britain's relationship with Europe in their manifestos.

No doubt a solid majority of people out there are supportive of the basic foundations of parliamentary democracy, fervently opposed to no deal and appalled by the demagogic posturing of Johnson and Farage. The question is whether they can find a vehicle to represent their position, and find it fast.

Go read.

I used to be afew. I'm still not many.

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