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A Johnson premiership will not be the DUP's finest hour
The DUP has had enough dealings with Johnson to know exactly how flaky and treacherous he is. It is appropriate that he encourages comparisons with Churchill, who praised the loyalty of Northern Ireland but would have betrayed it for the slightest advantage, as all unionists are aware.

Johnson was the headline speaker at the DUP's annual conference last November, where he delivered a tub-thumping if rambling attack on Theresa May's withdrawal agreement. In March this year he promised never to support it - then voted for it two days later.

The following month, with May clearly damaged beyond repair, the DUP held talks with Johnson to try to rebuild trust around a more concrete understanding. The party offered to put him in Downing Street in return for an assurance he would not leave Northern Ireland alone in the backstop while taking Britain out, thereby creating the dreaded sea border. No such assurance was apparently received.

Johnson can assume the DUP will have to keep him in office, if not support him in office, as its only alternative is triggering a general election - a nuclear option it declined to use against May despite falling out with her completely on Brexit.

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