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Rumours abound that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson's campaign (to give him his full title) "lent" votes to Rory Stewart to ensure the early elimination of Dominic Raab, and then to Hunt, to ensure Gove was eliminated.

The second part is possible, but the first part does not make sense.

The first two rounds were not knock-out. The candidates just had to reach thresholds of 17 and 33, respectively. Giving votes to Steward at that stage had no direct impact on whether Raab progressed or was eliminated. The only possible benefits would be secondary, either to keep Steward as a spoiler among the pack or to help conceal subsequent strategic voting should it be required in the event that that Raab reached the knock-out stages.

by det on Fri Jun 21st, 2019 at 04:50:05 AM EST
I get what you are saying, but how else do we explain the big rise in Rory Stewart's vote after round one - to bring him above Raab - and then the sudden decline in Rory Stewart's vote once Raab had been eliminated? Even if Raab had secured 33 votes in round two to avoid elimination, that would have made him the bottom candidate and obvious candidate for the chop the next time around, and thus unlikely to attract any undecided voters or those Brexiteers who had voted Esther McVey or Andrea Leadsom in the first round.

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