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Calling the French `turds' shows Boris Johnson is the eternal spoilt 15-year-old - Guardian
That foreigner-bashing finds its modern parallel in Johnson, who has spent much of his career being beastly about those who had the misfortune not to be born British. This despite his own Turkish ancestry - a severe case of over-compensation perhaps. His rude poem about Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan having sex with a goat ("There was a young fellow from Ankara / Who was a terrific wankerer") certainly seems to bear out this psychological interpretation.

Johnson's far-from-sunny view of the French has also now been revealed. He thinks they are "turds", a remark disgracefully pulled from a BBC documentary on the Foreign Office last year because it threatened to derail the Brexit negotiations - what self-respecting news organisation censors its greatest scoop? - but now exposed by the Daily Mail.

Calling the French "turds" for being intransigent on Brexit is a sign of Johnson's vulgarity and stupidity. As his second-class degree suggests, his is a second-rate mind trying desperately to persuade us it is a first-rate one by using Latin tags and improper jokes. His useless, vapid books are the measure of the man.

by Bernard on Fri Jun 28th, 2019 at 06:36:24 PM EST
It is very hard to see the French, The EU, or almost anyone going out of their way to cut a deal with this man. The UK may end up getting a no deal Brexit whether it wants it or not, and no deal means no deals after no deal as well... something the no dealers like to gloss over.

Talk of "sensible deals" covering airline landing rights being concluded because they are "sensible" rather ignores the fact that the EU will want to get its "sensible" Withdrawal Agreement ratified first, including the £39 Billion, rights for EU citizens in UK, and an open Irish border.

There is nothing sensible about appointing Boris as PM, but then sensible is sensible only to the sensible...

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