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is irrational in every qualitative and quantitative term for reasoning human industry. Yet the issue of its merit returns for idle debate in lieu of alternative hypotheses of "civilization".

"The system" is a totalitarian redoubt of moral imperatives which have produced market failures in the very nation-states whose institutions cultivated the philosophies of property rights and monotheism, then imposed it by colonization worldwide. The errors in this schema remain markedly unresolved by those who prosyltize its merits, thereby reproducing and accumulating inequity, iniquity, mental disorder and violent reactions to them among people.

What is the goal or purpose of "the system"?
To guarantee unlimited fuel supply to European and N.A. markets.

What is the barrier to unlimited fuel supply to European and N.A. consumers?
"Property rights", means of production, and consumer demand for fuel supply unavailable to European and N.A. markets.

What is the solution to that problem?
European and N.A. people "re-distribute power from energy rich to energy deficient regions markets", or  expropriate economic resources available to different markets.

What is the means to affect that solution?
Construction of "a global energy grid" by European and N.A. people that enables "a rationalisation [read: reduction] of spare contingency capacity in various national markets which it is expensive and wasteful to maintain by providing access to a global electricity market."

Best idea since jesus on a stick with wheels?

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Mon Jun 17th, 2019 at 01:49:52 PM EST
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