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Northern Ireland Brexit impact 'mapping exercise' finally released  

A previously confidential government study detailing 142 areas of life in Northern Ireland that will be impacted by Brexit has been published, revealing risks to everything from cooperation on congenital heart disease and cross-border child protection to rules preventing the looting of national treasures.

The study was published by the Brexit select committee after it was obtained by a member of the public via a freedom of information request.

The so-called "mapping exercise" was conducted in autumn 2017 but never shared with the select committee despite repeated requests from the chairman, the Labour MP Hilary Benn.


Ireland' prime minister Leo Varadkar said: "I'm glad that it now has been [published] and it really sketches out the very large number of areas where there is north-south cooperation, co-operation between Northern Ireland and Ireland. That cooperation is so much deeper than trade issues it applies to so many other things.

"[The mapping exercise] really sketches out what the Good Friday Agreement is all about, which is power sharing in the north and increased co-operation north south and east west. So when we talk about avoiding a hard border and also protecting the Good Friday Agreement they are not the same thing. It is both of those things that we seek to protect."

Brexit Mapping exercise by UK government on Northern Ireland

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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