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I'm not sure the standard parliamentary terms of government and opposition apply to the EP, given that it doesn't actually form the Executive. So there are no ministerial jobs on offer to loyal supporters, and little price to be paid for opposition.

Now if any "coalition" in the EP could form a majority or dominant plurality for a particular programme of action which they would mandate a Commission President candidate to fulfil, that could be a different matter.

But in essence the Commission is still controlled by the EC on all day to day matters. The EP has few enough tools it can use to push the Commission into a programme of action it doesn't otherwise want to fulfil or against the wishes of the Council.

It can highlight, cajole, embarrass, sanction individual Commissioners or Commission failings. An overall programme of government - not so much on past precedent. However I am with those who gradually want to increase the power of the EP at the expense of the Council and Commission.

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