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Interestingly, Hermann Kelly, the spokesperson for the EFDD you mention, got all of2,441 votes, or 0.67% of the vote in the Dublin Constituency, so his credibility is not especially high. If the d'Hondt method is not enshrined in law, then there is no such thing as being "entitled" to committee chairs. MEPs vote for whoever they want for the job, and coalition building is a standard approach to dividing up the spoils. I don't see Westminster governments handing over ministerial posts to opposition spokespeople, or indeed Westminster seats being awarded in proportion to votes cast under the FPTP system.

As for the European Council, I see it evolving into something more approaching the US Senate, ensuring individual states are not run over rough-shod, but otherwise becoming just a second chamber in a bicameral system. The US Senate also has privileges in confirming appointments and conducting foreign policy not accorded to the House, but it is the House which ultimately controls the budget.

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