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I don't think so for several reasons: Merkel used to dump her defeated internal enemies into EU posts, which worked well for her, but I think now is different. I would bet that the CDU can't wait for Merkel to be gone so they can switch to a more openly xenophobic rhetoric in the (probably futile) hope of staving off the AFD. The European far right line has been "The EU wants to flood us with Muslims" from Farage to Orban whereas the German far right accuses Merkel of the same. So putting the two into personal Union won't help the CDU to staunch the bleeding on its right flank.
Not that that isn't a bad strategy, but they pretty much lack the credibility for anything else.

Also a final note: It really doesn't matter what foreign heads of state think about the selected one. After all the position comes with neither divisions nor even a sizeable budget.

by generic on Fri Jun 28th, 2019 at 11:16:37 AM EST

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