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The EP would have get its act together and do some old fashioned coalition building to form, first, a blocking majority to block any candidate the EC tried to foist on it. And then, harder still, it would have to agree on a candidate with a majority or at least a large plurality of support and challenge the EC to nominate him/her.

The EPP, with just 24% of the seats, can hardly expect to call all the shots on this. I don't know if Weber has much support outside the EPP but if the EPP and PES could agree on a candidate they could with 44% support (and perhaps some third party support) put it up to the EC to nominate their choice.

Absent that, the ball is really in the EC's court to nominate someone, but if their choice had only EPP support the EP would quite probably block their nominee and call for a nominee with wider support. It depends on how much control prime ministers have on their MEPs in Brussels. I suspect not much.

However I would imagine that an outstanding nominee, like Merkel, would have no difficult getting a large majority. Even Juncker managed that in 2014 despite being formally only the EPP nominee. Only Cameron actively campaigned against him on the Council and he got a lot of Liberal prime ministerial support as well...

In the past, the EP has really only blocked the appointment of individual commissioners with dodgy credentials. It would be a major escalation and assertion of their power to block a EC nominee for the Presidency of the Commission, but sooner or later, that day will come.

Otherwise, what's the point of their being a legal requirement for them to endorse an EC nominee?

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