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What is the goal?
Price stability for EU business.

What is the problem?
The composition of 2019-2024 EP legislative interests poses a problematic foundation for popular endorsements of Council prerogatives. This is not merely an account of political party diversity or majoritarian formula of authority. Rather, MEPs are asserting latent authority to contest Council "elections". Ex post facto "advice and consent" relations of the body to executive "elections" gradually have reveal limitations of EP representations in the Council itself.

Moreover, real and imaginary interstate antagonism supercede political group loyalties. So-called neoliberal benefit claims, shared by EPP, ALDE, and S&D group members, is context sensitive with respect to practice. An EPP-controlled Council historically contains interstate competition by subletting EU offices to reliable neoliberal individuals, inter alia, in order to reserve for themselves discrete, national authority to bribe parliamentary factions' cooperation. Council appointments of the two most powerful offices in EU gov (EC, ECB) from one member state have not resolved and will not resolve interstate competition.  

That solution would not hold EU27 either politically or superficially. Monopolistic conditions contradict "cohesion" development of EU gov policy and, more significant perhaps, will exacerbate extant interstate "subsidarity" conflicts. It confirms perceptions of systematic, "anti-democratic" barriers to electoral integration within all divisions of European government.

The Council has discarded that solution each of the prior sessions, because "neoliberal" members control its proceedings in any case. It will do so again irrespective of EP veto and censure powers. For these are untested and unlikely to be exercised so long as the Council's selections satisfy minimum criteria of competence (above).


Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Mon Jul 1st, 2019 at 02:36:28 PM EST
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