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Further details (in English) from Politico: the scheme was reportedly Shculz's idea, sold to Merkel and then shot down by the majority of the EPP's more junior leaders, including Varadkar .

How Merkel's plan for EU top jobs fell apart

EPP members would go on to question Merkel's motives, saying she had agreed to a deal that was only good for Germany, for her personally, because it would help relations with the Social Democratic Party, her coalition partner in Berlin, and, to a lesser degree, good for Weber who, under the Osaka plan, was envisioned to become Parliament president for a double-term of five years.

The opposition was so fierce that Merkel left the EPP meeting early and headed to the Council's Europa building to huddle with Council President Donald Tusk, French President Emmanuel Macron and others, on how to find a path forward. EPP members continued to seethe after she left.

"It's fair to say there's a lot opposition to the proposal that was made in Osaka from the EPP's point of view," Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said, arriving at the Council summit. "The vast majority of the EPP prime ministers don't believe that we should give up the presidency of the Commission quite so easily, without a fight."

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