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The Spitzenkandidat thing is dead and buried, this time around. And it's the CDU/CSU's fault, for presenting the unelectable Weber. Perhaps the EPP were planning on having a majority with the extreme / nationalist right? That's the only logic I can find with nominating Weber.

No, there are complicated negotiations going on for a Grosskoalition or whatever they call it : EPP/ SD / ALDE / Greens. To prove how they are serious about climate change etc. The one thing they had no problems agreeing on is that Weber is out.

However, it seems the big boys don't actually want to make any concessions to the Greens, i.e. Business As Usual. The question now becomes whether the Green group will survive, as the Grünen seem likely to make whatever concessions are necessary to get a seat at the table, and others, in particular EELV, will not.

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by eurogreen on Thu Jun 27th, 2019 at 09:39:30 AM EST
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