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So is the cumulative effect a de-powering of the EU institutions relative to its major constituent states? It is hard to see any of the five proposed appointees powering the EU forward as an entity in its own right. Those who had been relatively effective within the EU institutions - Barnier, Vesteger, Timmermans - were not rewarded.

The EP get's a President - Bulgarian ex-PM, Sergei Stanishev - hardly like to drive it forward. More a sop to Eastern Europe. The socialists get a sop in Josep Borrell, who at 72 doesn't seem likely to herald a new era in external relations. Has Christine Lagarde made waves at the World Bank, or Charles Michel in Belgium? Ursula von der Leyen seems to have become an embarrassment to the German government, so has been "put out to pasture". Is Ursula von der Leyen also a sop to NATO and the USA?

I know my suggestion of Merkel for President hasn't eh been, eh, universally popular here, but at least her appointment would have suggested the EU is taking itself seriously. Boris will think there is an opportunity here for a whole new approach to Brexit on the part of the EU. Fortunately, without an extension, the UK will be out before the new Commission takes office.

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