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So Trump takes action to fight Mexican Drugs ... echo of Reagan's War on Drugs of the 1980s.

CIA transport and dark money: Golden Triangle and the Vietnam War - Afghan Wars with Taliban and after 9/11 - America's backyard and the Columbian drug cartels.

Today America is fighting the Opioid war .. where do all the profits go?

Message from the White House

Opioid Litigation Brings Company Secrets Into The Public Eye

    America's big drugmakers and pharmacy chains are scrambling to respond to hundreds of lawsuits tied to the deadly opioid epidemic. Billions of dollars are at stake if the companies are found liable for fueling the crisis.

    Even before judgments are rendered, companies like Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson and CVS are already suffering damage to their reputations as evidence in civil suits reveals more about their internal workings.

Investigative journalist David Armstrong from ProPublica:

The addict brokers: Middlemen profit as desperate patients are `treated like paychecks'

Plane crash CIA drugs transport South America cartel - Barry Seal and the CIA

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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