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Lionel Kopelowitz calls for Corbyn Assassination

Last May, in an incident barely reported in the British media, Dr. Lionel Kopelowitz, former president of the UK Board of Deputies, called for the assassination of Jeremy Corbyn. To be specific, Kopelowitz, who fancies himself a linguist of sorts, noted that the name "Corbyn" sounds like the Hebrew word korban (which has a number of meanings-among them "animal sacrifice" or "victim of crime" or "murder"). In the days of the Temple, the animals sacrificed were called korban. In more modern terms, the victims of the Holocaust are called korban. The word is generally associated with violence or killing, usually in pursuit of a "higher" cause. In Kopelowitz's case, that seems to be ridding British Jews of the scourge of Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn, a homophone term in Hebrew - corban or korban meaning sacrifice.

The kohanim were called "those who come close to the Eternal" [Exodus 19:22]

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How times have changed and positions about the IP conflict have hardened, decades before social media made it even worse ... interesting view from 1989 ...

Several Prominent British Jews Boycotting Solidarity Conference | JTA - March 1989 |

Some of Britain's leading Jews are boycotting next week's "Solidarity With Israel" conference in Jerusalem in an unprecedented snub to an Israeli prime minister.

Of 130 prominent British Jews invited, only about 50 will respond to Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir's personal plea for "the entire Jewish people to stand at Israel's side."

Absentees will include Dr. Stephen Roth, chairman of the Zionist Federation; leading pro-Israel Parliament members Greville Janner and Ivan Lawrence; philosopher Sir Isaiah Berlin; Baroness Birk; Lord Goodman; and Dr. John Marks, chairman of the British Medical Association.


The snub should come as no surprise to Jerusalem.

During his visit to London last month, Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Arens was warned that Diaspora Jewry was split, and that many British Jews strongly disagreed with Israel's policies over the intifada, the Palestine Liberation Organization and the peace process.
Shamir's critics feared he would try to use their presence at the conference to claim a united Diaspora support for his policies when he meets President George H. Bush [Sr.] next month.

Many British Jews were appalled by Shamir's performance in a television interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation's Peter Snow, in which Shamir said Israel would never talk to the PLO.

"Mr. Shamir has contempt for public opinion both Jewish and non-Jewish," Marks said. "That's why I'm not going. I do not accept his philosophy. I will not be a rubber stamp for his policies. I'm not going to play that game. I'm unwilling to be used."

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George Bush and James Baker III had the guts to oppose PM Yitzhak Shamir's settlement policy [PS George H. Bush lost the 1992 election to newcomer William J. Clinton]

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