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This may be why Sanchez is unwilling to compromise: Survey: Sánchez's PSOE would win new election with over 40% of the vote:
If no government is invested by late September, Spain will head to a new general election in November, its fourth in as many years. Today, results of a survey from CIS, the Spanish Centre for Sociological Research, show that PSOE would win such an election with 41.3% of the vote.

The Partido Popular (PP) would be in second position, with 13.7% of the direct voting intent in the results, just ahead of Unidas Podemos on 13.1%, and Ciudadanos (Cs) on 12.3%. Notable is Cs' fall of more than three points, going from second place in the previous poll to fourth now.

by IdiotSavant on Wed Jul 31st, 2019 at 05:28:14 AM EST
I don't know. 3% sounds very margin of error to me. But vastly better to not blow up your party by coalitioning with the neolibs.
by generic on Wed Jul 31st, 2019 at 07:23:56 AM EST
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What is indisputable is the 12.6% rise from 28.7 to 41.3 for the PSOE. Much of this probably just represents popular frustration with the slow coalition forming process, and perhaps a desire to avoid a coalition at all if it involves Podemos or the regional parties. With PSOE the only party in a position to lead a government, many voters who just want "strong and stable" government (remember May?) might just plump for them. It is interesting that there seems to be virtually no recovery for PP. They have lost their "natural party of government" caché.

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