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A good riposte. I don't think there is much fault on any side here. Neither reporter is a psychologist or psychiatrist and their primary responsibility is to publish the story as they see it, not to take responsibility for her psychological state, which, in any case, seems to have changed rather dramatically as the story unfolded.

If news publications were to hold off publishing every story because to do so might cause pain and anguish to confidence tricksters and fraudsters then very few might get published. The public good lies in the publication of the truth and the private psychological health of those exposed is a separate issue.

Sophie had options and she chose not to take the better ones. Short of some court ordering her detention in a psychiatric hospital, little could have been done to prevent this. Family and friends will be wondering if they could have done more, but few might have known how troubled she was under a confident and successful exterior. The case is best consider a personal tragedy rather than public issue with huge implications for journalistic integrity and media intrusion.

No harm was intended, and without a full coroners report we don't know the exact circumstances of her death. Many suicides are cries for help gone wrong. In hindsight some might have done things differently, but then hindsight is a wonderful thing...

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