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Sophie Hingst: Trinity College Dublin, Department of History, Graduate Student

A new article in the German Der Tagesspeigel  ...

Marie Sophie Hingst is not an isolated case:

Vom prekären Begehren, "jüdisch" zu sein

As a "Wilkomirski syndrome", a pertinent publication referred to cases in which the urge to be a Jewish victim or related to victims is so strong that it leads to misunderstanding and twisting of reality, and may end in illusions such as those of Sophie Hingst. The title refers to Bruno Dösseker, who in 1995 as Binjamin Wilkomirski published the imaginary story of a Jewish child who had survived ghettos and camps when his writings first succeeded with his book "Fragments" until it was revealed that not a word was true. Rather, he had, according to the experts, exaggerate his suffering as an adopted child and seek revenge for what he has suffered.

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Binjamin Wilkomirksi's account of his childhood was published in 1995 ...

The Boy Who Had Two Lives | The Independent - June 6, 1999 |

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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