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[TCD Academics] Seminar Plan:

Marie Sophie Hingst, Reading Group: "Reading Franz Kafka:
An approach towards an (Un-)Familiar Author"

"The name Franz Kafka the familiar portrait of a neurotic, hypochondriac writer, who was able to make a problem out of absolutely everthing and died shortly before his forty-first birthday. He left an oeuvre that resembles rather a large jig-saw puzzle, open for manifold forms of interpretation. Some claim all has been said already, other find nothing has been said at all about this author. We want to meet the middle and look at a selection of well-known and unknown texts of Kafka to discuss the role of the "national" and "trauma" in his work and contrast them with those of other writers."

1.   "Are you a Jew? Identities. Questions and Answers."  ( 05.08.2015)
      "Sind Sie Jude?" Identitäten. Fragen und Antworten."

Text: Franz Kafka  to Milena, 30. 05. 1920, in: ibid. Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena,
London 1953, pp. 40-43, letter from June 1920, pp. 36f: letter July 1920, pp. 64-66.

Text: Franz Kafka an Milena, 30.05. 1920, in: Ebd., Briefe an Milena, Frankfurt am
Mein (1986) , S. 24-28, Brief June 1920, S. 134-141

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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