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Raab: UK will be better able to negotiate with EU after no-deal Brexit

Dominic Raab has claimed Britain will be in a better position to negotiate a "good deal" with the European Union if it crashes out of the bloc before the end of October.

The foreign secretary believes a no-deal scenario could provide more leverage in the context of a free trade agreement and resolve long-standing issues such as the Irish backstop.

The MP for Esher and Walton in Surrey also suggested the EU's "stubborn" behaviour would be responsible if the UK left without a deal and refused to endorse Boris Johnson's claim during his campaign for the Conservative leadership that the prospect of a no-deal Brexit was a-million-to-one against.

On leaving without a deal after 31 October, Raab told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "The prospect of reverting and getting a good deal will be easier after we have left if that is the case. The reason being we do as an independent third country and less subject to effectively the demands of the EU as we are now."

The government has stepped up preparations for such an outcome in recent days. Michael Gove said over the weekend that officials were "operating on the assumption" that a deal would not be struck.

Johnson rejects Gove's claim that government now assuming no deal Brexit most likely outcome

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'Complete breakdown': EU rejects Dominic Raab's 'easier' no-deal Brexit claim  

European officials agree that a precondition of talks would be a British pledge to honour the three core parts of the withdrawal agreement - citizens' rights, the Irish border and the financial settlement.

At the weekend, the EU budget commissioner, Günther Oettinger, told
Der Tagesspiegel
the UK's credit rating would be hit if Boris Johnson carried out his threat not to honour payments promised to the EU.  

FactCheck: We can't find evidence that Dominic Raab warned of no-deal Brexit
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You expect ministers to bullshit occasionally, but it's a sad day when you realise they actually believe their own idiocies

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