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Corbyn a master of mixed signals throughout, not a leader in troubled waters during the Brexit debate and division in his own party ...

    "None of this addresses the wisdom of Labour's policy towards Brexit and a new referendum. All it does is indicate that its policy is specifically haemorrhaging remain votes without enhancing its appeal to leave voters. If the party's aim was to maximise support next week by appealing to both remain and leave Britain, it is failing spectacularly."

    [Source: YouGov poll: Labour's Brexit tactics are failing spectacularly (May 2019) ]

Labour and Momentum put activists on snap general election notice | The Guardian  - July 25, 2019 |
Brexit: Labour to back Remain as it calls for a new EU referendum | BBC Interview - July 9, 2019 |

Interesting read ...

The Technology Trap by John Harris, columnist @TheGuardian
The Democratic Hopefuls Have Endorsed the Green New Deal. So Why The Silence?

    "Climate is now the leading issue named regularly in polling of Democratic primary voters, after years on the bottom."

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