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The right wing of Labour voices an opinion, Tony Blair's spin doctor cuts ties with the Labour party. The appointment was one of many mistakes Tony Blair made. Under Blair's leadership the Labour government participated willingly with Bush in the Afghan and Iraq military campaign/tragedies. The Blairites have succeeded to split the party from its roots of working class people. This shortcoming of Labour we have seen repeated in France, the US and The Netherlands [Lubbers and later Kok] where I live. Blair claimed ideas associated with the Third Way (TW) were the wave of the future for progressive politics. The Third Way turned out to be a blind alley leading nowhere but a boost to take politics to the right and today's populist [do I hear fascist?] stage of abhorrence for the weakest in society. The fictitious push of globalization between the financial and banking crisis of the nineties and 2008/9. In the first decade of the American 21st Century, the Third Way politics participated to spread capitalism across the former Soviet satellite states and give NATO [and Cold War 2.0] a boost.

Alastair Campbell says he no longer wishes to be a Labour member | The Guardian |

The former Labour adviser and campaigner for a "people's vote" has written a lengthy missive to Corbyn, part-published in The Guardian and in full in the New European [pay-wall], setting out his view that the party will not win a majority against Johnson, who he says is "embarked on a crash and burn strategy" designed to win a mandate for hard Brexit at the ballot box.

    "The culture you have helped to create has made the party one that I feel no longer truly represents my values, or the hopes I have for Britain," Campbell wrote. "I see no strategy in place that remotely meets the electoral or policy challenges ahead. On the contrary, in so far as I ascertain a strategy at all, it is one that looks more designed to lose. I fear the country may already have decided that it does not intend to make you prime minister."

    "What I do know is that this is indeed a moment of real peril. To have any chance of stopping Johnson and stopping a hard Brexit, you need to step up now, and signal leadership of the anti-Brexit, anti-populist cause, though it may be that loss of trust in your approach to Brexit means it is too late to win back many former supporters."

Next step in Hitlerism across the globe

Trump's threat to label Antifa terrorist group triggers row in Germany | DW |

Trending on social media ... #IchBinAntifa

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Dilemmas in Globalization
Exploring Global Trends and Progressive Solutions
[March 2009]

The real costs of a culture of greed by Jerome a Paris @EuroTrib on Sept. 6, 2005

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