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Fuccifer - as in Guccifer 2.0

DNC was no surprise as the FBI warned beforehand and the intelligence alliance 5+ Eyes were informed by Dutch intelligence from Dec. 2014 onward!!

Discussion about Ukraine is lacking in the election interference ... all distraction by U.S. Congress was pointed [painted] at the Kremlin.

Poroshenko's Losing Bet On A Clinton Win

Guccifer 2.0 by Oui @BooMan on March 23, 2018

    Dutch Hackers Infiltrated Kremlin's Cozy Bear in 2014

        Dutch hackers infiltrated Cozy Bear HQ in an university building near Kremlin's Red Square. Once inside the Cozy Bear computer network the Dutch managed to  take control of the security camera at the entrance to the computer room. A photo of each person entering the secure location was gathered. All the intelligence was shared real time with the NSA as the Dutch civil (AIVD) and military intelligence (MIVD) are part of the AngloSaxon nine-eyes spy network.

        The Russians succeeded to infiltrate inside the White House and compromise e-mail and communications traffic.

        In July 2015 Cozy Bear infiltrated DNC computer systems.

Dutch cyber warfare hackers provided crucial evidence about Russian interference during election 2016 | Dutch De Volkskrant |

Russian Hack - Keeping Up Appearances

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by Oui on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 at 11:41:13 AM EST
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