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Urban dictionary explains - kabuki.

Robert Mueller did not want to come and be a figurant in political theater U.S. Congress has become. A wise decision. Mueller had to be subpoened to make an appearance with knives from both parties on the desk.

Democrats forcing Robert Mueller to testify about his report could sabotage their case for impeachment

Unfortunately for both Republicans and Democrats, DOJ William Barr had stipulated Robert Mueller could only provide information already written in the final, censured report of 480 pages. A show case ... Mueller acted accordingly to no ones surprise.

For me his refusal to answer all questions concerning Christopher Steele and the Orbis Business Intelligence project and Fusion GPS with Glenn Simpson was a surprise. Mueller referred all qustions to other DOJ investigations underway by Horowitz and Durham.

Case shut for now until the next leaks and journalists running to form the opinions via social media.

With Mueller on Justice staff, Barr has sway over testimony | AP News - May 9, 2019 |
Robert Mueller's Testimony and the Garbled Language of Politics | The New Yorker |

by Oui on Wed Jul 31st, 2019 at 08:33:42 AM EST
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