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Reading The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis now, an examination of the Trmp transition to government.  The first thing, the FIRST thing Trmp's transition people asked the Department of Energy and Department of Agriculture about was the names of people doing climate change work in order to stop them.  Trmp is supporting the carbon bubble with the help and probably at the behest of both Putin and Mohammed bin Salman, leaders of two countries which depend upon fossil foolishness in order to survive.  Getting rid of Trmp will not get rid of either Putin or MSB, both of whom are committed fossil fools and keeping the carbon bubble floating.

Transferring a trillion a year (in the USA) from burning fuels to building renewables would be a very good thing but not likely.  However, that is the scale of the problem and my little exercise has enabled me to measure it, something I haven't seen from any of the "experts" I've watched over the decadess while attending public lectures on these subjects at Harvard and MIT.

Solar IS Civil Defense

by gmoke on Mon Jul 8th, 2019 at 07:16:50 PM EST
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