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There's solid support against Johnson, even in his own party. Hunt is considered more pragmatic, although that's a bit of a joke, considering.

My guess is Johnson will get the nod, a core of MPs will vote against him - less than we hope, because bribes and threats, but still enough - and there will be a move to create a Government of National Unity, which will fail.

Then there will be a GE, possibly with a formal BXP/Con alliance.

Or failing that, a coup.

The subtext continues to be the removal of Corbyn and the destruction of the left-leaning wing of Labour. The anti-Corbyn campaign has started to pitch into high gear, with the usual posts from the usual suspects, and some very curious poll results which would appear to be outliers - compared to other polls, which remain inexplicably under-reported.

The Big Reveal in all of this is how absolutely useless the Tories are at politics. They're used to shouting and huffing and making shit up and generally getting their way with no pushback.

So that's why the UK is where it is. These people literally have no concept of power-sharing, negotiation, or compromise. They want what they want, and everyone is supposed to give it to them, just because.

And if that doesn't work, bribery, threats, and more or less obvious force can be applied.

This is the real ideological heart of Brexit - clueless, self-centred idiots bridling at being told they can't get their way and have to take other people into account.

The real battle is between those who consider this sacrosanct, and those who consider it delusional.

You may feel safe and detached in Europe, but it would be a terrible mistake to assume this is exclusively an English problem. The English have it in obvious abundance, but the political intent of Brexit was to spread this gospel of narcissism, from its spiritual home in the US, the politically mafia-controlled parts of Russia, the far-right in Israel, the Saudi Royal Family, and the Chinese establishment - to the rest of Europe.

That's been halted for now, but it's extremely naive to think it's no longer a problem, or that fixing Brexit - one way or the other - will simply make it go away.

by ThatBritGuy (thatbritguy (at) googlemail.com) on Sat Jul 6th, 2019 at 11:27:17 AM EST

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