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Reading this piece instead of finishing my projects:
IQ is largely a pseudoscientific swindle - INCERTO - Medium
(Revised draft: added comments on sinister country profiling. Also 1) Turns out IQ beats random selection in the best of applications by less than 6%, typically <2%, as the computation of correlations have a flaw and psychologists do not seem to know the informational value of correlation in terms of "how much do I gain information about B knowing A" and propagation of error (intra-test variance for a single individual). 2) Showed noise IQ/Weath, 3) Added information showing the story behind the effectiveness of Average National IQ is, statistically, a fraud. The psychologists who engaged me on this piece -- with verbose writeups --made the mistake of showing me the best they got: papers with the strongest pro-IQ arguments. They do not seem to grasp what noise/signal really means in practice. For some technical backbone to this piece,see here.)
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