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If I read the chart correctly, the 7 weeks only kicks in after the second of two no confidence motions is passed - 2 weeks after the first - so the first no confidence vote would have to be passed end August when Parliament isn't meeting. So the bottom line is there is no way to force a general election before Oct 31st., and it would probably take most of September for anti-Boris forces to get their act together in any case.

Realistically, a vote of no confidence would have had to be passed before Parliament was prorogued before the summer, and that didn't happen because new PMs are traditionally accorded a honeymoon period.  Of course in any normal democracy, a newly appointed party leader would have to win a vote of confidence in the HOC BEFORE being appointed PM, but then the UK is far from being a normal democracy. I refer you to my letter to the editor published on that subject.

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