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This evening I briefly listened to a Cambridge professor on the same subject.

Constitutional crisis for the Queen? PM appointed by the Queen on the condition the candidate has a majority support in the Commons.

After summer recess, need the no-confidence vote to start the 14 day period. Boris Johnson could set the election date after the 31st of October ... no-deal Brexit would be inevitable. In case another majority government can be formed, a new PM would be appointed by the Queen. This requires for him to set a date for the election. He could choose a date beyond the 25 working days, but yet before the 31st of October. To call an earlier election, he needs at least 66% of MPs to agree to it.

I think that's how I understood what he was telling the BBC viewers.

Could there be an early general election?

by Oui on Wed Aug 7th, 2019 at 09:35:25 PM EST
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