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Extraordinary times requires extraordinary solutions ... there will be a very short window of opportunity to rid the UK of Boris Johnson ... any deal to get an agreement to block  a no-deal Tory-Brexit is fine with me ... in the first week of September I will accept any plan ... there is no one who should put his "position" first ... the caretaker Government should be just for a single purpose ... nothing else matters ... the UK will sink in a hole managed by all parties. There is no clear cut option ... what mess they created. Can Corbyn even manage to unite his "opposition" party ... no Constitution ... amazing country ... was Ireland united when the Titanic was launched in 1912? Another disaster waiting to happen ... just like a slow motion Hollywood film. No captain and the band keeps playing ... 🎭 🌘

Don't let Boris play his fiddle as London burns ...

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

by Oui on Sat Aug 17th, 2019 at 06:15:34 PM EST
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