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Which I think is a good point. Additionally to the risk of having the right wing of the PLP regroup around the "moderate" interim PM Corbyn would give up a real position of authority.

There is also this from interim hopeful Ken Clarke:

by generic on Sun Aug 18th, 2019 at 07:26:19 PM EST
Clarke should have kept his mouth shut. The whole point of appointing a temporary caretaker PM who is not Corbyn is that it has to be a non-person, ideally a technocratic non-entity without personal ambition, so that Corbyn can feel that said appointment is merely a bump in the road on the way of him becoming PM in his own right. A slight interlude delaying his ultimate accession to the role.

If the caretaker PM becomes a substantive figure in his own right, he becomes a blockage to Corbyn's claim to the role. The only exception to this is if Corbyn accepts he is never going to be PM and that his next best option is to promote whoever he wants to ultimately succeed him - assuming there is such a person, and assuming they would be more widely acceptable than Corbyn himself.

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