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Supposing a vote of no-confidence, there will be a period of intense tractations.

Intense and zero-time-required transactions? The scenarios for avoiding Brexit are getting hilariously convoluted. According to my limited understanding:

First, parliament needs to be back in session. Second, Corbyn needs to introduce a no confidence motion. Third, BoJo needs to lose the motion. Fourth, BoJo needs to lose his effort to regroup the wavering Conservatives by threatening them with Corbyn. Fifth, Corbyn needs to win his effort to group the anti-Brexit factions. Sixth, assuming that he fails, "somebody else" needs to get a majority. Seventh, either Corbyn or "somebody else" needs to pass a motion to retract or delay Article 50. Eight, that has to go over to the EU Brexit negotiating team, which needs to be gathered back together and put back into operation. Ninth, that team needs to approve it. Tenth, the EU states need to approve it.

All of these items, each one by itself thickly painted in emotion and politics and general craziness, and each one opening numerous avenues that BoJo can use to throw a wrench into the works, have to be completed in approximately six weeks.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

by asdf on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 at 06:09:19 PM EST
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