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The Liib Dems have been in coalition with Labour in the Scottish government, before the SNP overtook both parties.

The Lib Dem member of the Welsh Assembly is currently a member of the Labour led Welsh government.

Brown offered the Lib Dems nothing in terms of policy, at a time when a coalition needed to be formed in the national interest. It is impossible to say what deal might have been made with Milliband, if the numbers in the 2015 Parliament had made a Lab/Lib Dem coalition possible.

The pesent situation is quite different. The Lib Dems would support a government of national unity led by almost any pro-remain Labour MP except for Corbyn and his factional allies. This is even more the case for dissident Conservatives and ex-Labour Independents.

The difficulty is that Corbyn has no realistic possibility of gathering a majority, but is well placed to prevent any other opposition MP from doing so. As a result nothing will be done, which will result in no new government before 31st October.

by Gary J on Wed Aug 21st, 2019 at 08:41:17 AM EST
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