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Am I alone in seeing all of this as a pre-negotiating mating ritual? Jeremy claims the caretaker PM role as his right. Cue outrage elsewhere. Jo Swinson proposes Clarke. Cue Labour outrage. Caroline Lucas throws in a green rabbit. Gradually we might get to someone least unacceptable to all sides, but only after all sides favoured candidates have been rules out.

Harriet Harmon seems like a possible option, but ChangeUK and Independent MPs will only vote for a general election if an electoral pact - guaranteeing them a free run at the Tory & Brexit candidates - is in place. Otherwise you are asking them to commit suicide. The best placed opposition candidate from the 2017 election gets to hold the Remain/people's vote banner supported by the others.

Surely there is someone with the negotiating nous to realize that everyone must have their red lines, but that these red lines are not mutually exclusive?

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