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The Times print edition today has a story in its Q&A section on how Boris might try to thwart the opposition even if they do elect a caretaker PM "by not advising the Queen to send for the proposed new prime Minister and instead either trying to run down the 14 day clock or proactively calling a general election ideally to take place after 31st. October." Apparently Nicki da Costa, Downing Streets' legislative director, pointed out that the incumbent PM chooses the election day, and it could be as late as January - "the legislation is silent on that".

So there is no law restricting how long it can take to hold a general election after Parliament is prorogued. The minimum period is 25 days, but there is no legal maximum, just a convention that it is normally held on a Thursday within 7 weeks. Conventions are essentially unenforceable. They exist only until they don't. Bojo could remain PM almost indefinitely without breaking any law. Wonderful constitution you have there...

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