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'We're already at war economically,' Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif tells FRANCE 24
Miriam Pirzadeh, FRANCE24: It seems that Iran will leave some of her engagements of this period, in a few weeks?
ZARIF: No, it means that Iran has the right in JCPOA to take some measures. We informed our European partners as well as our two other members. That is Japan--ah, no, sorry--Russian and China that we will be taking certain measures. Those measures are reversible within a few hours, not even days, provided that Europe takes the measures that it is supposed to take legally in order for the Iranian people to receive the economic benefits of JCPOA which remains one of tenets, one of the principles and pillars of this deal. This deal based on two pillars. Iran respecting its nuclear obligations and Europe and the United States, China, and Russia normalizing relations with Iran along with the rest of the international community because this is also a [UN] Security Council solution.
US piracy
ZARIF: We will continue to sell our oil. The United States will try to prevent it, but we'll continue.
FRANCE24: How?
ZARIF: Well, we know the ways. We have dealt with US aggression and US economic terrorism for the past forty years, and we will live with it. We have prospered. We have made progress. We passed an eight years of foreigh aggression against our country relying on our own people. Don't forget, missiles that shot down the most sophisticated US drone were Iranian made, because we had  S-300s. We could have used S-300s, but we used Iranian missile system to show that while we have friends, we don't rely on anybody for our defense.
invitation to the White House declined: "Iranians are allergic to threats."

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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