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Just how much of defined "exports to the UK" from the Republic are actually "exports to the EU using the UK as a bridge?"

My guess, and it's only that, is: a significant percentage.

Some proof, maybe:

Irish goods exports hit record level as reliance on Britain falls.

The value of Irish goods exports rose by 15 percent to a record 140 billion euros (£123 billion) last year as a fall in the goods sold into Britain was substantially offset by increases to almost all of Ireland's other major trade partners.


Firms have cut their reliance on Britain by ramping up trade elsewhere and total exports to the EU rose by 13 percent to 70 billion with goods trade increasing by 17 percent.  

Undercutting the thesis:

Exports to the United States, the largest destination for goods, were up 17.5 percent to 39 billion euros.

or not since it could be a re-jiggering of where the stuff is loaded on a ship.

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