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The other point being that Johnson isn't even interested in watering down the backstop or coming up with workable "alternative arrangement". It's no backstop or no deal. No detailed negotiations.

The EU usually finds a way to fudge ultimate agreements so everyone can claim to have gotten something out of the final compromise. But you hold a gun to their heads, and they are likely to prove obdurate.

The real question is whether even as good a deal as the Withdrawal Agreement will be available to the UK after Brexit day, when unanimity will be required, and everyone can put in their special requests or requirements.

There won't be any trade talks, for a start. No passporting for City financial services. Perhaps even no ladng rights for UK owned airlines. (That's a tricky one for Ireland, as Aer Lingus, so long the national carrier is now owned by British Airways (as is Iberia).

Can we imagine an EU with no landing rights for Iberia or Aer Lingus?

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