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I think Corbyn's initiative was dead in the water long before Merkel could launch any torpedoes. He is simply unacceptable to a number of ex-Labour and Tory independents, change UK and many liberals.

As Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition, he gets to propose the vote of no confidence, and to nominate whoever he thinks should be interim temporary caretaker Prime Minister. But if he wants to actually win the VONC and the subsequent election of an alternate PM, it has to be someone broadly acceptable to the Tory and Labour dissidents and the other Opposition parties.

Harriet Harmon could be an option. As a former acting leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition, she has the stature without being a threat to Corbyn's ambitions. I'm not even sure she plans to stand at the next election.

But we are clutching at straws here. The money is on the Opposition not getting their act together and Boris winning big. It will be interesting to see whether he dumps the DUP at that stage and agrees to N. Ireland remaining in the Customs Union and Single Market. It's not like his members care a damn about N. Ireland in any case...

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