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I don't know that imperial pasts really contain guides to future success for democracies. Certainly withdrawing from foreign entanglements is a good thing, but to cement a democratic future the government must be made to serve ALL of the people, not just the elites of wealth.

First, a putative reform government has to attain power. That is best accomplished by a credible charismatic leader who motivates previously unmotivated citizens to turn out and vote. Then that government has to deliver, starting with easing the economic pain the vast majority of the population experiences.

Second, recognizing that propaganda works and that rich man elite propaganda has led the country into the situation from which it needs to escape, use propaganda techniques to dispel the ideology that sustained the former, undemocratic regime. FDR and the New Deal did more of the hope aspects but did not adequately dispel the ideologies that supported fascism. Going after those who supported The Wall Street Putsch, including Prescott Bush, Bill Doyle, commander of the Massachusetts American Legion, the bankers, associates of JP Morgan Jr., who tried to recruit General Smedley Butler would have discouraged future such attempts.

Third, direct the legal apparatuses of the country to deal with any lawbreaking that can be found to have been associated with the previous regime. The most noxious vermin will quickly crawl back under their rocks and the most prominent will go to jail.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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