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What's so annoying is that he is showing up all the opposition loud mouths for the spineless wonders that they are. They're afraid to provoke an election because independents and small parties like ChangeUK have almost no chance in the FPTP system, and Boris knows this.

It's "conventional" to prorogue parliament for a few days between sessions or after an election to allow a new government to set out its stall. I don't think it has ever been prorogued for 5 weeks in the middle of the biggest crisis in a generation or two. But without a written constitution which lays down the rules for this, Boris' action may just become a new norm.

The government can be voted down after a debate on the Queen's speech and this is generally held to be "the equivalent" of a vote of no confidence as it is a vote against an entire government programme. But is "equivalent to" a VOTC the same as a VOTC within the meaning of the the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011? Probably not, but who knows. Without precedents there are no conventions to apply.

A lot of what is happening is unprecedented and so what is constitutional is what Boris says it is... People may whinge and whine, but the courts are unlikely to intervene unless there is a clear breach of a statutory provision which are more notable for their absence.

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