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Tory MPs who vote for the extension legislation will be barred from standing for the party at the next election  -  Spectator
Parliament returns on Tuesday and it is expected that anti no-deal MPs will - with John Bercow's help - quickly seize control of the order paper. They will then try and rush through a bill designed to stop the UK from leaving the EU without a deal. I report in the Sun this morning that Number 10 will treat these votes as they would a confidence vote with anyone who doesn't back the government being immediately disqualified from standing for the Tories again. They hope that this will keep some waverers in the government lobby next week.

It would mean that if former Cabinet Ministers such as Philip Hammond voted for the legislation, as they intend to, they would be barred from standing for the party again; ending their time as Tory MPs. It is hard to think of a precedent for so many Tories going from being Cabinet Ministers to being ineligible to stand for the party in a matter of weeks.
This approach is not without risk, though. There is a danger that MPs will still rebel and then decide that they have nothing left to lose; increasing not only the chances of them voting down the government in a no confidence vote but also backing an alternative Prime Minister.

A new prospect arises. Careful what you ask for. Now there is also the possibility of an electoral pact not to stand opponents to Conservatives who vote no confidence in the current government.

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