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There was little else the BEF could do but get out it.

The positioning of the BEF in Gamelin's deployment put them between the French Seventh Army to the north and Blanchard's First Army to the south so when the armies retreated it left the French Seventh facing elements of von Kuchler's 18th Army and and French First facing the 6th Army of von Reichenau with the BEF effectively squeezed out of the battle until the final days when elements of the BEF held the line from Nieuport to Bergues along the Bergues-Furnas canal.  

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it didn't help that Gamelin's conduct of the war was idiotic. He was effectively in overall command of the allies at this point, including BEF.

He holed himself up in a moated chateau far from the front with only one telephone line and no radio communication. When the german axis breakout happened at Sedan, he withdrew as much of his army as possible towards the defence of Paris, effectively abandoning northern France.

But yes, the BEF were left with little choice to get out while they still could

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