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I don't know whether the UK made a net profit out of India, but it certainly impoverished what had been one of the richer countries in the world. Empires can be a net loss to both the conquered and the conquerors, I supposed, but the balance is heavily skewed in favour of the conquerors.

Most empires - I'm thinking Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian, in particular, were little more than looting operations on behalf of their royal families and associated elites. They also created the military infrastructure and mindset useful to suppress any discontent at home and wage wars against rival empires for control of territories.

You could argue that the world wars were, in part, a response to a situation where a diminishing world had created a world of diminishing returns for the Imperial powers, and with no more "virgin" territory to conquer, they turned to trying to conquer each other.

The current battle between Trump, China and Europe can be seen in similar terms - diminishing world resoources mean that attacking each other is the only source of potential gain. Hell, what has the world come to when you can't even buy Greenland off the Danes? What's a few "Eskimos" or Greenlanders, or whatever they are called, between friends when there are resource to deplete?

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